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Faith-Powered Service by the World’s Best-Credentialed, Most-Prolific, Most-Articulate, and Most-Pioneering Natural Healthcare Authority

“I help health-seekers and care-givers quickly gain improved health, happiness, and financial freedoms,” Dr. Horowitz explains. To do this, he uses and shares his nearly half-century of knowledge and clinical expertise. “I help entrepreneurs, corporate chiefs, inventors, manufacturers, and citizens in need develop or acquire extraordinary self-help products and programs.”

That’s right, by 1975 Dr. Horowitz was already teaching anatomy at Tufts Univ. to medical and dental students, training dentists in acupuncture at Boston Univ. Medical Center, and much more. “I followed that dedication by earning two post-doctoral faculty posts teaching and researching behavioral science, media persuasion, social engineering, public health, pain and fear-reduction therapies, and stress management technologies at Harvard Univ. and Leslie College’s Institute for the Arts and Human Development in Cambridge,” he recalls. “My dedication to ‘education’ derives from its root word, edu-care.That means to lovingly ‘draw forth from within’ your unique talents and gifts to fulfill your longings, passion, and destiny.  As a whole person in body, mind, emotions, and spirit that is connected to God, you are extraordinary! I help people discover how wonderful and powerful they are, and apply more of what makes people great and more successful.”

Deserving a Nobel Prize for Relaying the Most Provocative and Important Information in the World Today!


Consumer Protector, Drug Industry Whistleblower, Health Products Entrepreneur and “One of the Few Polymaths I know.”

Dr. Horowitz Works “Selflessly” to Secure Your Right to Access Life-Saving Intelligence for Choosing Better Therapies


A Front-Line Warrior Defending Health Freedoms, Dr. Horowitz has “Educated and Positively Impacted Tens of Millions”


“Dr. Horowitz’s Works are Really Important for Those . . . Studying the Essence of Life.”

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