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528 Music

This FREE radio station was donated by award-winning author, film-maker, scientist, natural medicine expert, energy technologies and nutraceuticals pioneer, and BigPharma/BigTech whistleblower, Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

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Why the commitment to your health and enjoyment? The doctor has proven 528 frequencies of sound and light are therapeutic. This technology shatters the medical paradigm with “LOVE/528” at its heart. This is healthcare’s most promising future. That’s why Dr. Horowitz has pushed through many barriers to serve this commitment, and bring you this music. Here you can listen and enjoy his personal all-time “favorites.”

Nature displays intelligent design, and 528 medicinal music is at the heart of it. Want proof? Does a blade of grass grow towards the sun? Naturally it does, because it is intelligent. If it was stupid it would grow into the darkness and die, AND it would not vibe most obviously to 528Hz/nm–greenish-yellow at the heart of rainbows.

Mathematicians and physicists have now proven 528 vibrates at the heart of the universe, and your heart too. 528 “LOVE Hertz” vibrates chlorophyll–why grass is green–and oxygen broadcasts the “HA”–pure “LOVE energy,” like “ALOHA,“ or the Creator’s name YAH, or Jesus’ name YAHSHUAH–to heal what ails you! Its all in the frequency of the sound, math, spiritual dynamics, faith and your loving intention! God Almighty—the “Master Conductor and Master Composer of the Universal Orchestra”—developed this amazing technology for your sustainability.

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